07 Mar 2017

The Best of Joo Chiat Food – Our top 10

Where to eat Joo Chiat food? Here are 10 Great places, the Best of Joo Chiat Food

Joo Chiat is a colourful and vibrant area of Singapore. In the old times it, along with the neighbouring Katong, used to be covered in coconut plantations. Nowadays it is one of the liveliest food, drinks and entertainment centres just minutes away from Singapore City centre. Although the area’s face has changed significantly over the years. Quite a lot of features from the local Peranakans’ culture have been preserved in the form of shophouses and bungalows. Hungry for some Joo Chiat food? Here are our top 10 of the Best of Joo Chiat Food places where you can have a bite.

Smokey’s BBQ

Firstly an Authentic American barbecue cuisine is what awaits you at Smokey’s. It is one of The Best of Joo Chiat Food restaurants and has developed its own personal touch in every aspect of the wining and dining experience.

Smokey's BBG and Grill interior image
Smokey’s BBQ and Grill

Smokey’s BBQ and Grill Singapore: 73, Joo Chiat Place, Singapore. 427790

Long Phung

Secondly,  from the USA, we jump to Vietnam, or at least in foodie terms. Long Phung is an unpretentious and casual restaurant where Vietnamese food is the star of the menu. The chefs always make sure all traditional dishes taste exactly as they should, without any modern twists and tweaks. What a better way to enjoy the  of Vietnamese authenticity amongst the Best of Joo Chiat Food?

Long Phung: 159, Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. 427436

Andes by Astons

A lot of the Best of Joo Chiat Food venues revolve around the western and international cuisine. So it is not surprising that another of our top picks, Andes by Astons, serves gourmet burgers, steaks and fish in a traditional cowboy setting.

Andes by Astons steak image
Great food in a cowboy setting

Andes by Astons: 328, Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. 427585

Ah Kong Den

Maybe you are ready for a modern hipster experience? So go to Ah Kong Den at Joo Chiat. Additionally, here, you can indulge in traditional Singapore cuisine and fine drinks. While getting to know more about Ah Kong and his gang.

Ah Kong Den: Aqueen Heritage Hotel, 51 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. 427373

The Cider Pit

Apparently not all Joo Chiat restaurants are focused on healthy and sophisticated foods. While some places like the Cider Pit proudly serve the small guilty pleasures of life. Most of all such things as chips, pork steaks and, of course, lots of cider!

The Cider Pit: 328, Joo Chiat Road #01-03, Singapore. 427585

Guan Hoe Soon

Afterall, if you insist on exploring in full the local Peranakan cuisine and Joo Chiat food, you must visit Guan Hoe Soon. This is a restaurant with a long history, dating back to 1953, and catering for small or large groups of customers and their various occasions. Be sure that here the purity of true Peranakan cuisine has been fully preserved.

Guan Hoe Soon: 38/40 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. 427762

Werner’s Oven

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Oktoberfest, apart from beer, of course? Bratwursts! Those incredibly yummy, well-seasoned German sausages, as well as many other Central European dishes are available at Werner’s Oven restaurant. In this place, you can not only enjoy great food, but also a cosy atmosphere and polite, personal service of a family-run business.

Werner’s Oven: 49 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore. 427773

Ubin Kitchen

As you see, Joo Chiat food scene is quite diverse, but you are probably thinking it is missing something. Chinese cuisine! Not to worry, we have the best Chinese restaurant in the area and that’s Ubin Kitchen. Customers can have their favourite traditional dishes or opt for delicious platters of seafood.

Bin Kitchen Shop Front Image
Ubin Kitchen Traditional Singaporean Location


Getting nostalgic about the good old American times can easily be solved with a quick visit to the Fatboy’s restaurant. The place is a true time machine, taking you back to the 1960s with a tasty hand-made hamburger and visual memories of malt and soda shops.

Fatboy's Burger image
Fatboy’s Burger

Fatboy’s the Burger Bar: 465 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore. 427677

Charisma D’Venue

Finally last but not least, one of our favourite Joo Chiat restaurants is Charisma D’Venue, where the East meets the West. In addition is a perfect blend of local and international cuisine, featuring Halal meat dishes in a westernised refined setting is what makes this restaurant special.

Joo Chiat food options are so many and varied that it would be impossible to get bored of eating similar things while in the area. If we managed to wake the explorer in you, make sure you check all the places on our list.

Charisma D'Venue Shop Picture
Charisma D’Venue Shop Front

Charisma D’Venue: 37 / 39 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore. 427761

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AUTHOR: Appetti