15 Aug 2017

Thomson Plaza Food for your enjoyment

Thomson Plaza Food, 5 places to chose from

Thomson Plaza is one of the oldest malls in Singapore and looks much less glamorous from the outside than some other shopping centres in the Lion City’s downtown and suburbia. However, an interesting feature about this mall is the fact that it is very disability-friendly. This also gives people in wheelchairs access to all four floors via ramps. Also there are door levers, which is in favour of people who do not have proper control over their hands. There are plenty of retail outlets in the mall, dedicated to various themes. Of the 150 shops, restaurants and cafes we have picked 5 Thomson Plaza food venues which have international flavour and are worth visiting.

  1. Subway
  2. Gelare NOW CLOSED
  3. Peach Garden
  4. Sushi Tei
  5. Paradise Inn


No doubt, you have heard of Subway, not once and twice. This American fast food chain has outlets in almost every corner of the world and the Thomson Plaza food map is not an exclusion. In Subway, you can design your bespoke sandwich just the way you want it. Pick everything yourself from the type of bread, to the fillings inside. As most fast food restaurants, Subway offers meal deals. Which means you get a sandwich, a drink and a side for a set price. Ideal option for the times you just want something quick and unpretentious to eat.

Subway image thomson plaza food
Lots of Subways in Singapore they don’t all sell scrummy sandwiches

Subway: 301, #01-01D, Thompson Road, Singapore, 574408


NOW CLOSED but there are many other Gelare outlets in Singapore find them HERE!

If you have gone out with the kids and are wondering which of the Thomson Plaza restaurants to take them to, we know the perfect place – Gelare! The gallery of ice cream, where you can have countless masterpieces of this fine icy sweetness. This is not just your ordinary ice cream house. It’s a place serving gourmet desserts, featuring out-of-this-world ice cream. We guarantee your little ones will be over the moon, and so will be your sweet tooth also if you have one.

Gelare image thomson plaza food
Frozen in Italian

Gelare! #02-10, 301, Thompson Road, Singapore, 574408

Peach Garden

In case you want a totally exclusive Thomson Plaza food venue to dine in, we suggest you go to Peach Garden. This is a classy restaurant, serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, providing exceptional service in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Apparently many celebrities have been known to often visit Peach Garden, so you might also be lucky enough for a fan selfie.

Peach Garden: 301, #01-88, Thompson Road, Singapore, 574408

Sushi Tei

Another fantastic representative of the Thomson Plaza food directory, where high-end fine dining is available is Sushi Tei. All time favourites of the Japanese cuisine are prepared in front of the eyes of the customers, exposing the skills of the chefs and filling the restaurant with irresistible fragrances of freshly prepared food.

Sushi Tei image thomson plaza food
Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei: #03-46, 301, Thompson Road, Singapore, 574408

Paradise Inn

Seemingly Chinese cuisine is popular in Singapore, so naturally, many of the Thomson Plaza restaurants are dedicated to it. Paradise Inn is a restaurant, part of the Paradise group, serving traditional Chinese dishes with homemade taste. If you haven’t already, you must try their double boiled soup. Mmm, yum!

Paradise Inn: 301, Thompson Road, Singapore, 574408

The prologue!

Thomson Plaza restaurants will not only take care of your hunger, but will also satisfy your cravings, whatever they might be. Get an understanding of different cultures through delicious food and drinks at the Thomson Plaza mall.

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AUTHOR: Appetti