07 Feb 2017

Top 10 Bugis Junction Food Choices

Top 10 Bugis Junction Food Choices for an Easy Lunch

Bugis Junction is a development located at Victoria Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road in Singapore. Bugis Junction is also right next to its own MRT and home to the InterContinental Singapore Hotel. Not only that, Bugis Junction food scene is very diverse and makes it hard to pick just one favourite cafe, bar or restaurant. That’s why we are giving you our top 10 Bugis Junction food choices!


Classic American Italian cuisine and vibrant atmosphere await you at Lenas, one of the best Bugis Junction food picks. In addition to the tasty food, you get exciting daily promotions and discounts. If that’s not a great deal, what would be?

Astons Specialties

Astons Specialities Outlets across Singapore

For the fans of western cuisine, Astons is a great spot at Bugis Junction, where you can have your all-time favourites at very affordable prices. You won’t find any alcoholic drinks in here, but you will surely treat your tummy to some really high quality meals.

The Soup Spoon

The Soup Spoon – The world in one kitchen

Finding nice food in Bugis Junction is not hard at all. In fact, we are now taking you to the heaven of soups in the area, and maybe in Singapore as a whole – The Soup Spoon. This unique venue offers a variety of soups from different cuisines – Singaporean, Korean, Thai, Arab and many others. What’s your favourite soup?

Menya Musashi

Named after a Legendary Samurai!

A celebration of traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist is what’s going on at Menya Musashi, one of the best Bugis Junction food choices for an easy lunch. The ramen is the star of the menu, but if you expect to see it done as usual, you are in for surprise. The management of Menya Musashi banks on originality and innovation always and in everything.

Osaka Osho

Irresistible Dumplings?

While we keep the focus on Japanese cuisine, we should add some Chinese flavour to it, just like they do in Osaka Osho. In this lovely and increasingly popular restaurant you can find the best handmade gyoza in the Bugis Junction food arena.

Itacho Sushi

Itacho Sushi – guess what they serve here?

If you are still wondering what to eat in Bugis, how does sushi sound? We have this great restaurant, Itacho Sushi, where you won’t have just sushi, you’ll treat yourself to handmade sushi, prepared by specialists with years of experience. That’s a fantastic idea for a fancy brunch in the Bugis Junction food eateries!

Eighteen Chefs

How many Chefs? Eighteen!

One of the top halal cafes in Bugis is the Eighteen Chefs. The menu revolves around the Western cuisine, but the venue works exclusively with halal meat. They pride themselves in offering fresh and delicious food, as well as excellent customer service at affordable prices for everyone.


You have to like eating Chicken!

Hooray! The favourite Peri-Peri flavour is very much present in Singapore, right here at Nando’s in Bugis Junction food choices. Nando’s chicken platters and unique recipes have captured the hearts of many westerners, so no wonder, there are a lot of expats visiting this place quite often.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Try saying that after a couple of drinks!

Time to explore some more Chinese cuisine, especially from the region of Jiangnan. Some traditional dishes like La Mian and Xiao Long Bao are given a contemporary twist at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Definitely worth being on our list of top Bugis Junction food choices.

SIFU Hong Kong

We thought it would be best to round up our suggestions with a Bugis Junction food venue where uniqueness is the key word. At SIFU Hong Kong, you can explore 8 signature dishes inspired by the Hong Kong cuisine. It’s a brilliant option for a date night, lunch with the kids or just an after work meal with colleagues or friends.

Bugis Junction Food
Bugis Junction Food – A great place for variety

There is plenty of nice Bugis Junction food and although most places revolve around Asian cuisine as a whole, there are many good picks offering different options such as Middle Eastern, Western and International meals. There some good cafes in the Bugis directory.

Final Words

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AUTHOR: Appetti