29 Jun 2017

Appetti highlights 5 White Sands Shopping Centre eating places

White Sands Restaurants, Appetti shows you 5 places to eat or drink

White Sands Shopping Centre is one of the suburban malls in Singapore that has been around for a long time. Two whole decades, to be exact. It has been undergoing expansion for nearly half that time and more and more new stores have been added. In its current look, it has over 125 retailers and services. The shopping centre also hosts a public library, a popular bookstore, the local post office and a food court. White Sands restaurants and cafes focus on Asian cuisines, so here is our choice of five.

  1. Keika Ramen
  2. The Soup Spoon
  3. Gurney Drive Signatures
  4. Gao Peng Cuisine
  5. Cedele Bakery Cafe

Keika Ramen

Straight from Japan, Keika Ramen takes a prominent place on the White Sands directory. The restaurant was founded by a Japanese housewife, who developed her own “magic oil”. This eventually became the reason for the distinctive flavour and specific taste of the tonkotsu soup served at the venue. There are many other items on the menu. Many have been concocted using their own ingredients and secret mixes to make the brand’s dishes unmistakable for anyone who has tried them even once.

Keira Ramen: #01-27, 1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore, 518457

The Soup Spoon

Our next choice from the best White Sands restaurants gives us a taste of diverse soup recipes.  Influenced by different parts of the world. All the soups have been handcrafted by one of the restaurant’s founders, Chef Anna. Because she has a passion for cooking and clean eating, healthy and nutritious are the main adjectives in the description of any one of her Soup Spoon masterpieces.

white sands restaurants image soup spoon
Who’s gone off with the spoon?

The Soup Spoon Group: #02-33, 1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore, 518457

Gurney Drive Signatures

So moving on to delicious Malaysian cuisine, we have our eyes on one of the White Sands restaurants with a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication. Gurney Drive Signatures serves favourite picks from Malaysian street cuisine, redesigned and presented in an elegant way to create a celebration for all your senses. You can also get the taste of hawker foods, looking all stylish and chic, while sitting in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

White Sands Restaurants image Gurney Drive Signatures
Let’s go for a Gurney Drive!

Gurney Drive Signatures:  1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore, 518457

Gao Peng Cuisine

White Sands directory also lists a fantastic Chinese restaurant, part of the Gao Ji Food. Gao Peng Cuisine offers handmade dim sum dishes and many other irresistible culinary items. All from traditional Chinese cuisine. One of the features of this restaurant is affordability, so here you can have a delicious and filling meal at a really great price. The setting is also quite unpretentious but comfortable. In other words, Gao Peng Cuisine can be the perfect spot for casual dining.

White Sands Restaurants image Gao Peng Cuisine
Let’s Roll!

Gao Peng Cuisine: #2-12/13/14, 1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore, 518457

Cedele Bakery Cafe

Finally Cedele Bakery Cafe is our last pick from the White Sands directory. It looks like a pretty good place to have a snack and a nice drink in the company of your best friend or just a really great book. Anyone for a cuppa and a muffin on the side?

White Sands restaurants image Cedele
PatterCake PatterCake Baker’s Man!

Cedele Bakery Cafe: #01-39, 1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore, 518457

And Finally ….

White Sands restaurants are really cosy and diverse in their menu offerings. While the Asian cuisine is highly celebrated in most of them, the flavour and fragrances coming out of their kitchens creates a fusion of goodness and brilliance.

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AUTHOR: Appetti