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Appetti.com is Asia’s best and most user-friendly online directory for restaurants, bars and cafes. We work closely with our Merchant’s venues to deliver detailed and enticing offers to you. Whilst we don’t yet hold the largest database, we are constantly growing and boast a fully comprehensive directory of over 8000 venues in Singapore, Dubai, Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. We manage all listings to ensure that they’re up to date so we are offering you accurate information. Imagine what a bummer it would be to dress up for a venue and get there only to find out it closed down 6 months ago!

Registered users can log in and search for the venue on our website. A "rate" button will lead you to our rating form. Reviews will not be public, but will help our merchants improve their service for your convenience.

Check the video below for a walkthrough on rating a venue:

Yes you can! We will show the photos on our website for all to admire and to determine if this is the place they have been looking for.

Adding photos is easy as pie. And to make it even easier we made this video for you:

We pride ourselves in providing a great user experience on our website. Finding what you are looking for is pretty easy and straightforward. Unlike other web based businesses that display promotions and discounts of the daily deals nature, Appetti.com does not charge you upfront, nor do we make profit from the sale, you simply make the transaction directly with the Restaurant, Café, Bar etc. This means you can benefit from quality food and drink at the best prices, with no upfront hassle.

No, we have decided to use a mobile friendly geospatial website that does everything an App can do, but saves valuable space on your device memory and also means our frequent updates happen automatically.

Aside from being cool by nature, we also built our site to perform based on your location. So you can walk out of your home, office or even a rail station and at the click of a button we can show you all the best places around you. To sweeten up the deal we prioritize the venues with money saving offers for you. Awesome!

Appetti.com covers South East Asia and the UAE, with the strongest cities being Jakarta, Singapore, Bali and Dubai. We are building our presence in other cities daily, with currently 7 active locations.

Great question! Yes of course, just select any of our featured cities and browse around. Keep in mind distances and times may not be relevant, but you can see what is out there before you arrive and arrange to meet friends in places you feel you know already.

We hope so! Appetti is Asia’s best and most user-friendly directory and deals portal, we pride ourselves on working closely with our Merchants to cost effectively deliver detailed listings and enticing deals to our Users. Whilst we don’t hold the largest database, we do boast a fully comprehensive directory of restaurants, bars and cafes in Asia that are 100% controlled by you, the Merchants. We also manage all listings to ensure that they are up to date and we are offering our Users accurate data.

Check the video below for an overview of some of the benefits of Appetti:

It doesn’t cost you a dime. Use of the deals portal will eventually be charged for but it’s free for now. System access and uploads will remain free, 24-7.

As part of your Merchant Account, we provide you with your deals portal. This is a fully interactive portal that allows you to create and activate promotional offers, in real time, that are instantly accessible by our Users. The portal is optional to use and doesn’t affect your venue listing in any way if not used. The design of our platform also means Users can locate your venue information by a number of search filters. We then hold both your phone number and GPS coordinates, which enables our Users to contact you and locate your venue easily.

If you already have a live account with us, it means it’s been set up previously by a member of your staff, or by one of our Sales Team under our old name, Asia Happy Hour. If you are aware of a live account but do not have the login info, please contact us at: sales@appetti.com We do not register or create listings without the Merchants consent.

You can request to register your busines , send us an email sales@appetti.com or give us a call. We aim to register new Merchant accounts within 24 hours.

Not directly, unfortunately. However, we are very kind and will help you reach out to our Users that either like your venue, like similar venues or are regularly in your vicinity.

Yes. If you are a Group Company or operate multiple independents, you can have one account to manage all venues, or separate accounts for each venue or groupings. Please specify at the time of registration enquiry or contact us at: sales@appetti.com

No, sorry we don’t. What we do provide is an advanced mobile site that behaves the same as an App, but doesn’t require our Users precious phone memory or require them to update all the time. Should the Consumer want an App, then we will build it. Aside from directory and deals, we also built our product to perform based on user location. So Users can walk out of their home, office or even a rail station and at the click of a button we can show them all the best places around them, and prioritize those with deals or other activities. Hopefully it will be your venue. Appetti is part of a multi-national holding company with solid financial backing. We are committed to sustainability and have a long-term progression plan to ensure that our audience as well as our Merchants retain interest and get repeated value.