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Busy Hong Kong offers a variety of cuisine from top-notch traditional Chinese and international cuisine to world-renowned street food.

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Hong Kong, where "East meets West” is a special administrative region of China and one of the world's leading international Financial Centers. East - West fusion also describes Hong Kong's cuisine, dim sum, fast food and hot pot go side by side with haute cuisine. Take the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour and see the famous Junks scurrying across the harbour. Hong Kong nightlife offers everything from night time shopping, Contemporary art, all-night clubbing and high speed entertainment.

Hong Kong - the Asian city that never sleeps, is an autonomous territory, part of the People’s Republic of China. It is so incredibly vibrant and modern that life there seems like a movie on a fast-forward mode. And how wouldn’t it? Hong Kong is an international business centre and the most densely populated metropolis in the world. Personal space, doesn’t really mean much there.

While China is a communist state and has many restrictions on its citizens, thanks to the special administrative features, Hong Kong keeps free and close relations with nations worldwide. This is why it is one of the places where you can find absolutely any and every thing and is often regarded as the spot where “East meets West”.

Hong Kong’s culture is Chinese in its core, but highly influenced by the modern Western behaviors. There are some old beliefs and traditions that are still very much alive in Hong Kong, for example Ba Gua mirrors, which are believed to deflect evil so are placed in many modern pieces of architecture. Also, most buildings lack a floor with the number 4 in it because of its similarity to the word “die” in Cantonese.

Mind-blowing architecture and international events are another reason to visit Hong Kong and be part of its vibrant lifestyle. Concerts, fashion shows and sports events happen every day at large-scale venues.

Western influence also means that cuisine is also be touched. Apart from the traditional Dim Sum dishes that are famous all over the world, hot pot and fast food are now shaping the culinary face of the city. It’s originality and sophistication has also made haute cuisine a hot trend in the metropolis or try a hawkers centre for cheap but incredibly tasty food and drink.

Hong Kong has many iconic places to visit, try Aberdeen Harbour, Victoria Peak, one of the many parks (such as Kowloon or the Zoological and Botanic Gardens), many Temples (Wong Tai Sin or perhaps Man Mo) the list is endless