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Western, International
Pasta, Steak And Grill, Desserts, Salads
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Beer, Cocktails, Spirits, Wine, Non alcoholic

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Haut Cuisine / Fine Dining

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11 October 2017


A dream that started as regular chats between friends. Then chats turned into beliefs. Beliefs turned into actions. And finally, they turned into Mockingbird. Mockingbird is built on the little dream that food should be accessible to everyone - and not segregated into specific castes. We believe lamb racks shouldn't only be eaten in a nice hotel restaurant with clean white tablecloth. A wagyu steak shouldn't only be eaten by someone who has big spare of rupiahs in his backpocket. Good food is food and we eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let's stay true to that. From that food dream, we came across “fine dining” and observed the huge difference on how people in Indonesia and outside the country interpret the true meaning of it. In Indonesia, “fine dining” is closely associated with hotel foods, or foods you eat when you have excessive amount of money. However in other parts of the world, “fine dining” simply means well-cooked, plated, and thought food, a playground where chefs can truly put his heart on a plate. Many chefs from all around the world are now trying to bring this “fine dining” to the streets, with way cheaper prices and more accessible ambience. “We must fight against the homogenization of world gastronomy and let chefs develop intimate cuisine” – Oliver Roellinger Mockingbird is envisioned to be a fine dining place far from being intimidating. A restaurant where you can eat in shorts and slippers. One where you can eat without spending too much of a fortune. We keep Mockingbird's interior to be as simple as possible, and put focus on the dining essentials instead. At Mockingbird, you will find well-thought set menus (yes,just like the ones you find in some fancy restaurants) but the price range largely differs. Here at Mockingbird, we have three ultimate dreams: first is to redefine the meaning of “Fine Dining” in the heads of the general Indonesian public. Second is to elevate the appreciation towards the chefs in Indonesia, heighten their supports on chefs (senior or junior) to keep on pouring their hearts and soul onto the plates. Last but not least, to create a playground for our chefs to truly be the artists they are, and at the same time aspiring the future chefs to stay true to their callings, and ultimately changing this country’s view on culinary world.