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18 October 2017


The story of MonViet started in the 1970's when a Vietnamese mother left her village to open a noodle stall at a street corner in Saigon. She cooked the traditional noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue. Hue is a town in central Vietnam. Her noodle soup was so tasty, that people waited in front of her stall every day for it to open. The little noodle stall grew bigger, and after a few years the mother ran a noodle house that specialized in different kinds of home made noodle soup recipes. The family also grew bigger and in the end the little noodle house not only nurtured 9 sons and daughters, but also saw the birth of the family's "secret recipes of life". After 35 successful, hardworking years, the mother sadly had to close the noodle house. The youngest daughter of the family brought her mother's secret noodle recipes with her and started serving the noodle soups in the hotel restaurant she worked in. Soon also here the noodle dishes were the most popular on the menu. Her confidence grew and she started experimenting with traditional herbs and spices, creating original recipes herself with the help of her mother who was happy to see her recipes coming back to life and evolving further. At the same time, one of the mother's sons kept craving his mother's Vietnamese foods whilst working overseas. He learnt to replicate his mother secret recipes and brought the authentic home cooked Vietnamese cuisines wherever he travelled. Cooking them, he created a lot of fans of authentic Vietnamese food amongst his friends and colleagues using and building on his mother's and his sister's recipes. It was the mother’s secret recipes that brought the son and the daughter together. monViet was founded to share and honor the mother's secret recipes and love for authentic, home cooked Vietnamese foods. MonViet is the pride of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, which has traveled all the way from a small village, bringing the mother’s secret recipes, to a restaurant outside of Vietnam. We look forward to seeing you at our place.