Cantonese cuisine is part of Chinese cuisine and originates from the region of Guangdong. It is probably the most popular Chinese sub-cuisine. This is probably due to the fact that many of the Chinese who travel to various countries around the world, actually come from that region of China.

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When you ask the majority Westerners who say they love Chinese food, they very often are referring to Cantonese food. In Singapore, like many places around the world, Chinese food, coming from Guangdong province is widely celebrated. Cantonese dishes should be well balanced and non greasy, also the use of spices should not overcome the main flavours and the principle ingredient. Furthermore Cantonese foods and cuisine must be made only from the freshest of ingredients. Herbs are little used in Cantonese recipes, which is the opposite of the liberal use in other Asian cuisines, like Sichuan, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. The main ingredients used in Cantonese cooking for enhancing flavour are the likes of, Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Sesame Oil, Spring Onions and in some recipes Garlic is very dominant., especially in dishes using offal. Other spices are used in small amounts so as not to overpower the dishes, such as Chilies, 5 - Spice powder, Star Anise and ground Black Pepper amongst others.

So here is our choice of 5 Cantonese restaurants in the the little red dot.

Cherry Garden

The Cherry Garden restaurant itself is a piece of art. It has been designed in accordance with Feng Shui. Beautiful ambience that reminds us of an Oriental residence. The menu is based on fresh ingredients so it doesn’t stay the same all year round, but in all seasons, it features traditional Cantonese dishes. To complement your meal, you can choose from a wide selection of world wines and Chinese teas. The venue has three private dining rooms called Lotus, Jasmine and Bamboo, the last of which can accommodate up to 24 people.

Cherry Garden Image Cantonese Cuisine

Cherry Garden Cantonese Restaurant

Cherry Garden: 5, Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore, 039797

Xin Cuisine

One really classy Cantonese restaurant in Singapore is Xin Cuisine. It offers perfectly crafted Dim Sum dishes by some of the most experienced Chinese chefs. The atmosphere brings a feeling of relaxation in a contemporary setting. It is no doubt a fine dining venue where you can have business lunches or elegant dinner events. A full bar of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages is also available.

Xin Cuisine: 4F, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317, Outran Road, Singapore, 169075

Wah Lok

Wah Lok is a Cantonese restaurant in Singapore with awards from various Food and Beverage related magazines. Everything about this place is dramatically stunning, from the decor to the food presentation. Wah Lok serves some of the most elegant dishes from Chinese cuisine and more specifically from the Guangdong region. How does Deep-fried Century Egg Wrapped with Minced Shrimps sound to you? Pretty impressive, isn’t it? That’s just one of the wow items on this restaurant’s brilliant menu.

Wah Lok image Cantonese Cuisine

Wah Lok at the Carlton

Wah Lok: 2F, 76, Bras Basah Road, Singapore, 189558

Li Bai

Ready for the real feel of authentic Cantonese cuisine? In Li Bai you will be served food in the way it used to be to grand Emperors. The interior speaks luxury and class, while the food is nothing less than divine gourmet creation. The chefs have found ways to naturally enhance the flavours and aromas of the dishes to create a true celebration for all of your senses.

Li Bai: @ Sheraton Towers Hotel, 39, Scotts Rod, Singapore, 228230

Wo Peng

Last but not least of our restaurants that provide great Cantonese cuisine is Wo Peng. This is a place where you can savour handmade Dim Sum dishes as well as some specialties that taste just like they were made at home. The restaurant offers a bit more variety of styles and foods from Chinese cuisine and broader Asian cuisine. Most food options are presented with a modern spin to make them more intriguing to the customers.

Wo Peng image Cantonese Cuisine

Wo Peng

There are two Wo Peng restaurants on Appetti:

Wo Peng: #03-01, 60, Eu Tong Sen Street,Furama Hotel, Singapore, 059804

Wo Peng: #02-01/02, 1, Maju Avenue, Singapore, 556679

In Summary

Cantonese cuisine is full of delicious culinary masterpieces that people around the world are enjoying to the fullest. Cantonese restaurants in Singapore have kept the real feel of the traditional cuisine and given the food with a contemporary touch.