Chinese Cuisine in Singapore: Chinese food is popular all over the world and it has influenced other cuisines in Asia. So it is not hard to see, with all the restaurants offering Chinese cuisine, that it is very popular in Singapore. Because it is one of the most favoured cuisines amongst the citizens and visitors in the Lion City.

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Chinese Cuisine in Singapore

Chinese Food is integral to the culinary requirements of both the residents and visitors to the Lion City. Below you will find 5 restaurants that offer a range of Chinese Food types and standards on offer in Singapore.

Chinese cuisine is a very important part of the Chinese culture. Everything from the colour, shape and flavour to the time and method of preparation is given  special thought. Traditionally, there are four major sub-cuisines of Chinese Food Recipes - Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang, representing the four cardinal points. Modern China Cuisine Recipes have eight sub-cuisines - Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan and Cantonese. So we have a list of 5 great restaurants that serve Chinese cuisine in Singapore.

Here they are:

  1. Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant
  2. Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ Marina Bay Sands
  3. Si Wei Mao Cai Restaurant
  4. Wan Hao Restaurant
  5. Paradise Teochew Restaurant

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

This is a really nice Chinese restaurant where you can experience the authenticity of heart-warming Chinese food. The restaurant also has 6 different private dining area for intimate celebrations or special gatherings. The menu is rich, featuring all sorts of traditional Chinese dishes. Including dim sum, roast cuts, clay pot rice and, of course, live seafood. Jade Palace prides itself in serving food prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients. Thus achieving the unique taste and flavour of Chinese food. It is a fine dining venue so you can also expect fantastic presentation and excellent service.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ Marina Bay Sands

Speaking of fine dining venues serving Chinese cuisine in Singapore, we have also found the Imperial Treasure Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. This place specialises in Cantonese cuisine and has many awards, including a Michelin star. Despite all that exclusivity, the restaurant is a favourite place not only to gourmet food lovers, but also to casual eaters. The quality of food here is outstanding as the chefs have been specially selected from the best in Asia. A signature dish  and must-try Chinese dish is the Roasted Peking Duck.

There are of course many other restaurants from the Imperial Treasure brand in Singapore.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine image

A real Treasure trove!

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine: Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes Atrium 2, L2-04, Bayfront Avenue, Singapore, 018955

Si Wei Mao Cai Restaurant

A great place where you can taste Sichuan style Chinese cuisine in Singapore is Si Wei Mao Cai. This is a casual eating venue with an interesting menu and bright ambience. There is also outdoor seating if you prefer eating in the fresh air. Si Wei Mao Cai caters for the fans of takeaway. Your delicious Chinese food is just a phone call away.

Wan Hao Restaurant

Wan Hao is another nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore. The interior speaks luxury with Chinese gold leaf calligraphy on the walls. The wine list is also impressive with more than 300 selections to meet the preferences of any wine connoisseur. The food options are also brilliant, from traditional Chinese crepes to Beef Tenderloin with Sour Plum Fresh Pear sauce.

Wan Hao: 320, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238865

Paradise Teochew

As evident from the name, this restaurant focuses on the Teochew style of Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Apart from traditional signature dishes like Chilled Yellow Roe Crab, they also serves some fantastic dim sum dishes. The restaurant also offers set menus for larger celebrations and special occasion lunches or dinners.

Paradise Teochew Restaurant image Chinese Cuisine

Paradise in Singapore

There are two of their restaurants in Singapore.

Paradise Teochew @ Scotts Square: #03-04, 6, Scotts Road, Singapore, 228209

Paradise Teochew @ Chinese Swimming Club: #03-01, 21 Amber Road, Singapore, 439870


Singapore is full of amazing venues where you can experience the true taste of Chinese cuisine in all its variations.

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