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Dim Sum is a minimalistic style of food from the Chinese Cantonese cuisine. Because of the small size of the portions, dim sum dishes usually make a great fix for brunch, served with tea. Also, they are served as appetizers or together with fully cooked main dishes.

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Traditionally, a dim sum brunch can include steamed buns, called cha siu bao, rice noodle rolls or dumplings. It is no secret that these little snacks are super delicious and we are happy to point you to the some of the best Dim Sum Singapore serves up.

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Out of over 3100 of our venues in the Lion City we list 148 that serve best Dim Sum Singapore

Peach Garden

There are many branches of the popular Peach Garden restaurant brand in Singapore. Different venues have slightly different dishes to offer, but the restaurant at the Marina Bay focuses on dim sum and noodles. The Peach Garden dim sum menu includes favourite items for young and old. All pieces are made with a lot of attention to detail, passion and the spirit of tradition. To make the experience even better, the restaurant treats its customer to a lovely, relaxing garden with a beautiful setting and view.

Peach Garden Image Best Dim Sum in Singapore

It's a Peach of a Garden

Peach Garden: 18, Marina Gardens Drive, Super Tree Dining, Singapore, 018953

There are 5 Peach Garden outlets in Singapore

Tim Ho Wan

This is another chain restaurant that serves best Dim Sum Singapore style, however, quality here is never compromised. Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin star dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong. The staff make it their priority to ensure that every dining experience is enjoyable and hard to forget. The ingredients used are always fresh and chefs follow strictly the original Hong Kong dim sum recipes. The restaurant’s signature dish is 4 Heavenly Kings dim sum platter and we think the taste is out of this world.

Tim Ho Wan Image best dim sum in Singapore

Get Sum Dim

Tim Ho Wan have 7 outlets in Singapore.

Bao Today

If you live or stay near Raffles hotel, dim sum restaurants in the area are dominated by Bao Today. You won’t be served yesterday’s food here, but only freshly-prepared, soft buns and dumplings. The dim sum pieces look and taste very intriguing and also have different names, taken from various Chinese legends. We absolutely recommend a visit to the Bao

Bao Today best dim sum Singapore image

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Bao Today: There are two Bad Today venues in Singapore

Hua Ting Restaurant

Hua Ting has won numerous culinary awards and is thought of as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. The place offers a fine dining experience with a selection of the most delicious Chinese meals, presented in an extraordinary way. The Hua Ting dim sum dishes are simply incredible, prepared by star masterchef Lap Fai and his brilliant team.

Hua Ting image best dim sum singapore

Ting a Ling Dim Sum

Hua Ting Restaurant: Orchard Hotel, 442, Orchard Road, Level 2, Singapore, 238879

Tian Fu Tea Room

If you are looking for a place to relax with a cup of aromatic tea and delicious Chinese food, Tian Fu Tea Room will be your best choice. Although the focus here is really on tea with a wide selection of green, red, yellow and flower teas, the handcrafted dim sum dishes are equally exciting. It is a place where you can free your mind and enjoy a fusion of flavours, dancing in your mouth.

Tian Fu Tea Room: ParkRoyal @ Kitchener Road, Level 3, 181, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 208533

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