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Asian, Japanese, Korean
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13 April 2016


His.tori (hissho no tori) 必勝の鳥, means “Victory Bird“ in Japanese. At His.tori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant, we strife to bring you the best value barbecue buffet that we can. We position our restaurant to be the preferred destination for friends and families to enjoy a delicious meal over a grill. Yaki (grilling) niku (meats) has its origins in the Korean BBQ ( 야외 파티 ) style commonly known as karubi and bulgogi. His.tori has taken this barbecue experience to a new level of dinning enjoyment by combining the best of Japanese and Korean barbecue cuisine giving you the best of both worlds. We provide bountiful menu of meats, seafood, poultry , vegetables, soft drink and desserts. We take great pride in creating a variety of original sauces, completely free of MSG and salt. Made from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, these sauces - besides being dipping sauces - are used in our marinates and produces delicious tasting meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Once grilled to perfection, it becomes a unique and delectable taste experience. His.tori is all about fun and food. We believe that Barbeque (Yakiniku) has a way of making people happy. Our aim is to ensure that our customers leave our restaurant happy and satisfied, wanting to come back for more. We want to create an "feel at home" atmosphere to make you feel that it your very own dining room. One of our visions is to see a His.tori in almost every neighborhood in Singapore