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13 April 2016


Originated from the far South West of China in the province of Yunnan, “Cross Bridge Vermicelli” has been around for more than a century. Legend has it that a young and hardworking scholar isolated himself to prepare for an important examination on an island. His beloved wife brought him his meals diligently everyday by crossing the bridge to where he was. However, each time she made the trip there, the food would turn stone cold in the chilly weather. One day, however by sheer chance, she discovered that the pot of chicken soup that she brewed for her husband remained warm when it was served to him. She found out that it was due to the layer of chicken oil on top of the soup that had kept the content below warm. From then on, she used this method to maintain the temperature of the food by adding vermicelli, vegetables, eggs and meat pieces into the hot soup just before her husband tucked in. Since then, news of her innovative preparation method became widespread among the country folks and many named the popular dish in Yunnan as “Cross Bridge Vermicelli”. At times, it is even called “Love Bridge Vermicelli” to signify the wife’s highest devotion for her husband. The soup base of “Cross Bridge Vermicelli” is extremely flavourful and tasty. It is double boiled for many hours with selected duck, chicken and pork portions. The added vermicelli, veggies, meat slices and egg into the soup makes it an excellent choice for one looking for nostalgic comfort food.