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13 September 2017


Shin Kushiya is proud to share the Spirit of Kushiyaki – reflecting the time-honoured traditions and culinary craftsmanship in preparing their signature kushiyaki skewers. Diners may choose from a generous selection of kushiyaki skewers, made using the freshest and quality meats, seafood and vegetables grilled over Japan-imported Bincho Charcoal, known as the King of White Charcoal. Bincho Charcoal burns at a high temperature of 1,000 – 1,200 degrees enabling a crisp exterior whilst sealing the natural flavours and juices within, imparting a savoury smokiness to their signature kushiyaki skewers. With a luxurious spread of Japanese cuisine set in an enticing and relaxed environment, along with a reputation for service excellence, diners can enjoy watching chefs at work at the Kushiyaki grill theatre as they tuck into their meal. At Shin Kushiya, we hope that every customer can see, smell and taste the difference every time they visit the restaurant for a heartwarming dining experience.



Kushiyaki is the Japanese term for ‘Charcoal-grilled skewers’ of quality meats, seafood and vegetables. In Japan, it is common to find the locals enjoying rounds of Sake and Kushiyaki with good company. At Shin Kushiya, our focus on using the freshest quality ingredients combined with traditional Japanese cooking methods ensures a heartwarming dining experience. Other than Kushiyaki, we are also known for high quality Sashimi, imported directly from Tsukiji and Hakodate markets on an almost daily basis. Bincho charcoal is a special charcoal that burns without excessive ashing yet imparting a distinct ‘smoky’ flavour to grilled food. More importantly, the ability to retain heat up to 1,200 degrees allows our charcoal-grilled food to be crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside.

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