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Asian, Japanese
Bar Food, BBQ, Tapas, Noodles, Seafood
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Beer, Cocktails, Spirits, Wine, Non alcoholic

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Clarke Quay

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Family Friendly

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15 August 2017


Shunjuu Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore serving an exciting menu of Japanese favorite casual cuisine - Sumiyaki (charcoal-grill). Also known as Japanese Tapas, it is fun to order many small dishes and wash them down with our selection of 60 Nihonshu (Japanese sake) on the menu. Located in Robertson Quay (minutes walk from Clarke Quay), the unpretentious hideaway is right in front of the Singapore River. Diners can enjoy alfresco dining of Japanese cuisine with a riverfront view. Often packed to the brim with Japanese expatriates and locals alike, the Japanese restaurant in Singapore is cosy and lively as the floor staff goes on with shouts of greetings in Japanese. An open kitchen allows diners to enjoy the Japanese cuisine while watching the grill in action and adds to the vibrant ambience.



SPECIALTY :The Art of Sumiyaki -Salt and seasoning are skillfully thrown on the skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables on the charcoal grill to ensure that the Japanese food retains its natural taste and succulence of Japanese cuisine. With a selection of over 70 types of skewed items to go with Japanese sake, our signature dishes includes Foie Gras (goose liver), Kaki Buta Maki (Oysters rolled with pork), Asuparagusu Buta Maki (Asparagus rolled with Pork) and the humble Tebasaki (Chicken Wing). :Nihonshu - The Dew of Heaven-Shunjuu stocks some of the top nihonshu (commonly known as Sake) from all prefectures of Japan. Differentiated by the grade (rice milling rate), sake meter (dryness rating) and prefecture of origins, it is easy to find a sake to suit your tastebud from our selection of 60 labels. :Fuguzake (Blowfish-infused sake)

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From 18:00 to 00:00  
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