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Western, Singaporean, International, Fusion
Pasta, BBQ, Steak And Grill, Burger, Sandwiches / Cakes / Pastries, Curry, Desserts, Ice Cream
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Family Friendly, Lounge, Café, Diner, Bistro / Brasserie, Mall

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10 October 2016


Celebrating Modsin cusine, we aspire to reminisce our humble beginnings, the evolution of culture and sophistication of Singapore through our food. Singapore is a juxtaposition of the old and the new; an amalgamation of global influence. Ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques central to our migrant culture; resulting in characteristic Singapore street food. Evolving these influence with a touch of modernity, we want to tantalise you with our passion for Modsin food. Come as you are.



Coffee We take our coffee seriously. Sourcing only from top local speciality roasters, we aim to keep coffee approachable. Coffee done from the heart. Our experienced team of baristas love coffee and they are happy to do just that. Food Inspired from Asian flavours, this is our expression of assimilating the best of east and west to create something uniquely Singaporean. From our innovative buah keluak pasta to our interpretation of how kueh baulu should be eaten, we incorporate Asian flavours into food which people can identify and love. Durian Creme Brulee Marring the freshest durians with one of the finest European desserts, The Durian Creme Brulee is born. It is all about passion, heart, love and respect gently folded in with our custard. This is not only a delectable creme brulee but the ultimate durian dessert.