The Art of Zen is also applied to some Japanese cuisines and there are quite a few Restaurants that use this discipline to create their dishes. In particular Zen is often applied to vegetarian food in Japanese cuisines.

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Zen is the Japanese teaching of meditation and emphasises the importance of the inner connection one has with their self. It promotes tranquility and purity of mind. It is a huge part of Japanese culture, so it is only natural that cuisine has also been influenced by Zen. Today, we are on a hunt for the best Zen Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Let’s see what we’ve got in store for you.

Let us show you what restaurants in Singapore are influenced by the Japanese art of Zen.
  1. Aoki
  2. IKYU
  3. Hai Sushi
  4. Isuramuya
  5. Herbivore


Aoki is a great zen Japanese restaurant with minimalistic, natural and simple decor, dominated by wood. Here you can savour different foods from Japanese cuisine, including soups, noodles, sushi, sashimi sukiyaki and tempura. There’s plenty of entertainment, as well, in the form of darts, pool and child-friendly facilities and games.

Aoki image Zen Japanese

Aoki Dokey!

Aoki: 1, Scotts Road, #1-17, Shaw Centre, Singapore, 228208


For those who love fine dining venues, we recommend IKYU. It is a zen Japanese restaurant, where your idea about food will be completely reinvented. This is not a place where you get just elevated Japanese dishes, this is a restaurant where you are serve haute cuisine in the most classy, relaxing and jazzy atmosphere. Wine and spirits are also served to complement the sophisticated meals.

Ikyu image Zen Japanese restaurant

IKYU: 5, Link Siak Street, Singapore, 168643

Hai Sushi

Hai Sushi is the first halal Japanese restaurant in Singapore. Its existence allows more people the enjoy the specialties of Japanese cuisine. The menu offers more than 200 items which feature hibachi, nabemono, yakimoto, baked rice and, of course, a great selection of sushi dishes. Buffet options are also available. Bring the kids with you, there’s plenty of space for them to play.


The most special thing about this Zen Japanese restaurant is that it has its own on-site marketplace. Imagine, having a superb meal at the restaurant, which you would like to try at home as well. You can simply buy fresh ingredients right there and then and give it a go in your kitchen later. Surely, the chefs will be happy to give you some pointers on how to cook the meal successfully if you ask them nicely. Also, don’t forget to try Isuramaya's desserts, they are out-of-this-world.

Isuramuya image Zen Japanese Restaurant

Mental Salmon! Whoopps sorry Salmon Mentai!

Isuramuya: JCube, #4-17, 2, Jurong East Central, Singapore, 609731


Vegetarian lifestyle often helps keeping your body and mind healthy and clean, but it could be challenging to maintain it if you like eating out regularly. Luckily, Herbivore Zen Japanese restaurant comes to the rescue of passionate vegetarians who are also fans of the Japanese cuisine. Tasty food in large portions, in other words, a total celebration for your digestive system. Vegan options are also available, so bring more of your friends to enjoy the great food.


If you are interested in Zen as a teaching, you will probably be impressed when you visit any of the restaurants we have presented in this article. So if you have visited some other Zen Japanese restaurants in Singapore, we’d like to hear about your dining experience about the Japanese food you’ve savoured.